Street Lighting
Street lights for the Village of Tobaccoville are erected throughout the Village based on certain criteria. When the Village incorporated, the original Council set forth the policy of lighting major street intersections and at the incorporated limits. With the help of the Department of Transportation and Duke Power, the first lighting plan was adopted. At a later date, the Council decided that businesses located in Tobaccoville should also receive lighting. Later, the Council decided to place a street light at churches in the Village limits. The Department of Transportation now sets stricter guidelines on where lighting can be placed and also regulates the illumination factor or brightness of the street lights along state owned and maintained roads. Since most roads within the Village of Tobaccoville are state owned and maintained, this fact alone dictates many of the street lighting locations. Currently, all major intersections within the Village are lighted, and the Village can place lights at churches and businesses on state maintained roads subject to Department of Transportation approval. The Village does not at this time place street lighting in any residential developments.

Street Maintenance
Due to limited resources and the desire to keep the tax rate low, the Village of Tobaccoville only owns and maintains a very limited amount of street system. Most of the street system within the Village limits is state owned and maintained or privately owned and maintained. The Village currently owns and maintains approximately .61 of a mile of street system. The Village will replace existing street signs within it’s limits which have fallen down or been destroyed at the Village’s expense. Signs, which are put up by the Department of Transportation, are replaced by the Department of Transportation. If you wish to report a problem with a street or street sign on any street within the Village limits, the staff will be happy to listen to you and try to help solve the problem. This may mean we will call the DOT or come out and look at your particular situation. We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.