PARC Committee

The Park Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed by Council Resolution #34 on October 10, 1994. As the Village Park began to grow and the duties of the committee increased, the committee changed its name in 1999 to Park and Recreation Committee (PARC). Due to increasing resident interest in serving on the committee, the Village Council amended Resolution #34 on February 1, 2007 to increase the membership to the PARC to up to fifteen (15) members. PARC members serve a two-year term and are appointed by the Village Council. The Committee elects a Chairperson and Secretary for one-year terms and currently meet on pre-determined Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the conference room at Village Hall. PARC meeting dates are advertised on the home page of the website and are open to the public. To view Minutes from PARC meetings, please click on the following link. (PARC Minutes)

Some of the projects planned and coordinated by the PARC include movies in the park and the Annual Tree Lighting ceremony. If you would like more information about membership on the committee or wish to contact the committee, you may do so by emailing here. The PARC 2017-2019 members include: Lee Ault (secretary), Traci Canter, Carla Hall, Barbara Manuel, Kathy Sue Pyrtle, Pamela Sheham, and Jennifer Stone. Council Member Lori Shore-Smith is the council representative, and Administrator Dan Corder represents the staff.

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