Village Hall


The Village of Tobaccoville provides the following services within the municipal limits.

Garbage and Recycling

The Village of Tobaccoville provides weekly curbside garbage and monthly recycling service to residents, businesses, and churches within the Tobaccoville Village limits under a contract with Waste Industries through June 30, 2017.

Effective August 5, 2013, the Village of Tobaccoville transitioned its recycling program to 96-gallon carts to be picked up once a month. Residents were polled prior to making this decision, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the transition. This new service was implemented with no increase in cost to Village residents.

Recycling pick-up dates are the first Monday or Tuesday of the month, depending on resident garbage routes. Monday garbage pick-ups will receive recycling pick-up on the first Monday of the month. Tuesday garbage pick-ups will receive recycling pick-up on the first Tuesday of the month. Pleae leave space between the carts to accomodate the automated pick-up system. For specific details about recycling, please click here.

Waste Industries will not pick up hazardous waste, abandoned vehicles, vehicle parts, bulky waste, construction debris, large equipment and parts, tires, paints, yard waste, wood, or other items specifically mentioned by contract.

If a holiday interrupts normal scheduled service, the affected parties will be notified through the newsletter and the website. If you have questions concerning holiday garbage schedules, you may also contact (Village Hall) for instructions. If weather conditions prohibit garbage and/or recycling collection, please watch WXII Channel 12 for rescheduling information posted by the adminstrative staff.

For your convenience, we have listed the weekly garbage collection routes:

Monday Pick-up
Wide Country Estates, Simpson Forest,
Kapp Road, Mizpah Church Road,
Griffin Road, The Bluffs, Whippoorwill Lane,
Old Griffin Road, Shore Road,
Loretta Lane, Stroup Farm Road,
Woody Lane, Moore Road,
Moore-RJR Road, Jefferson Church Road,
Creek Farm Road, Stewart Farm Road,
Sedecca Drive, Bethania Ridge,
Doral Drive (South Of the 4-way stop), &
Tobaccoville Road (East of the 4-way stop)

Tuesday Pick-up
The Meadows, Spainhour Mill Road,
Richardson Avenue, Rolling Hill Drive,
Fip Newsome Road, Rockwell Place, Ridge Road, Alandale Lane, Reid Road,
Kenleigh Forest Road, Leafmore Lane,
Vienna-Dozier Road, Highway 67,
Bowens Road, Watts Shore Estates,
Doral Drive (North of the 4-way stop), &
Tobaccoville Road (West of the 4-way stop)

Bulk Item Pick-up
The Village of Tobaccoville sponsors one bulk item pick up per year for all residents within the municipal limits. The 2017 spring edition of the Villager Newsletter contains the 2017 bulk pick-up schedule. Pick up will begin on Monday, May 15, 2017.

Hazardous Household Waste Collection
The Village of Tobaccoville does not offer hazardous household waste disposal as a service performed or paid for by Village taxes. This is, in part, due to the extreme difficulty and expense of collecting, transporting, and disposing of such items. However, Forsyth County residents have the opportunity to dispose of hazardous household waste FREE of charge. This service is sponsored by the City/County Utility Commission, and the company which receives the waste is called 3RC - The Envirostation. Residents may bring hazardous household waste to their facility which is located directly across from Bowman Gray Stadium at 1401 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Winston-Salem. 3RC is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. Their number is (336) 784-4300.

Wastes generated by commercial or industrial businesses are not accepted. Examples of acceptable household waste includes metal polish, oven cleaners, fluorescent light bulbs, rug shampoos, bug sprays, pesticides, gasoline, fuel oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, car batteries, glues, chemical strippers, solvents, thinners, batteries, unmixed photographic materials or other poisonous fluids, ignitable, corrosive products, motor oils and paints. 3RC asks that residents please do not mix hazardous wastes and keep them in their original container, if possible. If the printed original label on the continer is not readable, please print the name of the item on the container. Unacceptable items which may not be brought to 3RC include ammunition, explosives, radioactive or infectious materials.

Almost all the hazardous household waste taken to this facility is recycled, and it is an environmentally friendly service. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this FREE service.

Street Lighting
Street lights for the Village of Tobaccoville are erected throughout the Village based on certain criteria. When the Village incorporated, the original Council set forth the policy of lighting major street intersections and at the incorporated limits. With the help of the Department of Transportation and Duke Power, the first lighting plan was adopted. At a later date, the Council decided that businesses located in Tobaccoville should also receive lighting. Later, the Council decided to place a street light at churches in the Village limits. The Department of Transportation now sets stricter guidelines on where lighting can be placed and also regulates the illumination factor or brightness of the street lights along state owned and maintained roads. Since most roads within the Village of Tobaccoville are state owned and maintained, this fact alone dictates many of the street lighting locations. Currently, all major intersections within the Village are lighted, and the Village can place lights at churches and businesses on state maintained roads subject to Department of Transportation approval. The Village does not at this time place street lighting in any residential developments.

Street Maintenance
Due to limited resources and the desire to keep the tax rate low, the Village of Tobaccoville only owns and maintains a very limited amount of street system. Most of the street system within the Village limits is state owned and maintained or privately owned and maintained. The Village currently owns and maintains approximately .61 of a mile of street system. The Village will replace existing street signs within it's limits which have fallen down or been destroyed at the Village's expense. Signs, which are put up by the Department of Transportation, are replaced by the Department of Transportation. If you wish to report a problem with a street or street sign on any street within the Village limits, the staff will be happy to listen to you and try to help solve the problem. This may mean we will call the DOT or come out and look at your particular situation. We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.