Village Hall

Mayor Mark Baker, Mayor Pro Tem Myron W. Marion, Council Members Leroy P. Alt,
Boyce E. Shore and Lori A. Shore-Smith are currently serving residents of the Village of Tobaccoville.

The Village of Tobaccoville elected board consists of four Council members and the Mayor. If you wish to contact the Village Council, please click on the following link. (phone, addresses, e-mail addresses, and terms) The Council members are elected for four-year terms and the Mayor is elected for a two-year term. They are elected as Village-wide representatives. The Mayor Pro-tem is appointed by the Village Council. The Mayor is the "Chairman" of the Village Council and presides at all meetings. When the Mayor is absent, the Mayor Pro-tem conducts meetings. All members of the Council and the Mayor are full voting members.

The Village Council meets in session in the Council Chambers in Village Hall at 4260 Tobaccoville Road on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. All Village Council meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend. In order to access the last 12 recorded meetings, please click on the following link. (Village Council Meetings)

The Village Council
The function of the Village Council is to: (1) adopt and amend Village ordinances, (2) determine Village policies and levels of service, (3) determine how the money in the budget is to be raised and for what purposes it is to be spent, (4) determine what taxes are to be levied and set the tax rate for ad valorem taxes, (5) approve all contracts and agreements, (6) appoint citizens to various Committees and (7) represent the Village as its leadership in all areas.

The Mayor
The Mayor is the chief elected official of the Village. The Mayor presides at all Council meetings unless absent. In that case, the Mayor Pro-tem presides at the Council meetings. The Mayor's office is located in the Village Hall.